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Gerald Karlson

business student, childhood friend of Joe and Matt. Boyfriend of Jenny.


After surviving the initial onslaught of undead, Gerald and his friends teamed up with members of the US military. Here he met Jenny, whom he became infatuated with. After accidentally time-traveling to the distant past, Gerald and Jenny began living together in the Norg village of Odinshage. Here they lived in relative peace until Chief Thorson's vision of the quest they were to undertake.

After getting lost in the Frightened Forest, Gerald discovered "Beatrice", an apparently magical sword. He wields this sword in his raiding of Samael's Tomb, where he rescues Jenny. Beatrice is a mysterious powerful weapon, and an important symbol of Gerald's growth as a fighter.


After defeating Vyldain, Gerald settled with Jenny in Korin's old hut and raised two sons, Matt and Joe. While Joe died in war, Matt lived on to raise his own family. Gerald passed peacefully at an old age, though under mysterious conditions.

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