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Archer guard of Odinshage.


Dagfyn’s story begins with his father; Svendan Onfrøi. Svendan was an elderly man and close friend of Olav who suddenly one day he went completely feral and savage and mauled a fellow villager to near death. No one was sure what happened and many of the villagers thought it was a sign of ragnarok coming.

Besides Dagfyn being a natural sharpshooter with the bow, he found joy in poetry, walking through nature and being deep in thoughts, contrast to the drinking and partying that Bjorne preferred. He was a steadfast, quiet, stoic man with small ambitions but a wise mind even at the age of 29


Dagfyn was eventually captured by Galidonian knights along with Bjorn, but managed to escape during an undead attack. He was later captured by Isaac Quentin and died while trying to escape from Galidon, being killed by knight Harold

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